Jenn Tebo and Peter Schaefer performing Perseus and Medusa

Other Requirements

Time needed for load-in and set up: one and one-half hours before the start of a school performance; two hours before the start of a public performance.

Time needed for strike and load-out: one hour after the final performance.

Load-in and load-out assistance (at least two able-bodied adults) may be needed if the load-in route is excessively long. Please note that our equipment is too heavy and large to negotiate flights of stairs. A few steps up into a building or onto a stage are okay, but we cannot lift our equipment up to an upper-floor playing space.

Our larger stage pieces will not fit in a standard passenger elevator; they may fit in a freight elevator, however.

Multiple performances, same title, same location:
To allow time to reset the show, at least 30 minutes is needed between the end of the first performance and the beginning of the subsequent performance.

Preferences (not required)

• A playing area on a raised stage
• The ability to achieve a full blackout (complete darkness)

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